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Seminar ONLINE COURSE: Increasing Urban Climate Resilience: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for Sustainable Urban Development Kurzbeschreibung Humanity is increasingly becoming an urban species. Cities play a crucial role in why and how we are fundamentally altering the Earth System. The speed of this alteration demands for immediate change. Cities have the potential for transformation, which is crucial for global sustainable development within Earth’s biophysical planetary boundaries. To this end, effective urban responses to climate change are extremely important through adaptation and mitigation. This course provides a sound interdisciplinary introduction to: • climate change impacts in cities • how cities (can) adapt to and mitigate climate change and thereby increase their resilience • how cities function as barriers and solutions to transformative sustainable development in the „urban century“ We will explore this on a global and local level, through short and long time frames, and by making ample use of real examples. The focus is more on getting a bigger picture than on „hard practice“ on the planning level. Course Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with and will have substantially broadened their horizons regarding • principles, as well as ample measures, strategies, and tools, for climate change adaptation and mitigation in cities • multiple examples of good practice • some examples and ideas for transformative change in urban development • selected global processes and risks on short and long time scales which influence and interact with urban development Course Content: • The Planetary Boundaries concept, and the global sustainable development agendas, through the lens of cities • Rapid urbanization • Increasing urban resilience towards climate change impacts o Ecosystem-based adaptation o Tried and tested methods for navigating the adaptation cycle o Climate risk assessment basics o (Peri-)urban agriculture • Selected measures and strategies for mitigation and adaptation in high-, middle, and low income economy cities • Transformation - ideas, requirements, and examples • Relevant trends on short and long times scales • Guest speakers from science, practice and policy advisory

Ort: 10115 Berlin, Robert-Koch Platz 4 (Online Kurs, keine Präsenzveranstaltung)

Land: Deutschland

Datum: 14. 10 2020  - 22. 10. 2020

Kosten: 1155 Euro

Zielgruppen: Level: Beginner to intermediate: Staff from development agencies and city authorities, national and international NGOs, public institutions, university students and researchers as well as professionals from the private sector. Good command of English is mandatory.

Anmeldeschluss: 12. 10. 2020

Veranstalter: Centre for Rural Development (SLE), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Ansprechperson: Ms Annika Buchholz

E-Mail: sletraining(at)hu-berlin.de

Nähere Informationen:  Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung
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