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Dare to be you – Stories & ideas FORUM Umweltbildung (2020) 75 Seiten , EUR  0.00 This book was written for all the people who want to help teenagers grow up to become confident members of our society who actively shape the world we live in. The texts published in this book are centred around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN). They examine strategies to face both big and small problems in a courageous and maybe even joyful way, as every challenge holds the opportunity of learning more about oneself, one’s strengths and limits. This book examines topics and methods particularly suitable for teaching in new secondary schools and in the lower cycle of academic secondary schools. It offers a large variety of methods for motivating pupils to reflect on their values and opinions, improve their reading and writing skills and prepare texts for various media. German version of this book. Additional online materials are available at www.umweltbildung.at/empowerment

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Tanz aus der Reihe – Kartenset
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Tanz aus der Reihe – Lesebuch
FORUM Umweltbildung, Wien 2019
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