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Our World. Our Future. Institut für Umwelt, Friede und Entwicklung (IUFE) (2018) 42 Seiten , EUR  0.00 In 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted the 17 goals for a more equal and sustainable world – the so called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among these goals are for example: to end starvation and poverty as well as providing clean water and good healthcare for all people in the world. These big goals can only be achieved, if we all make our contributions within our local sphere of action. The short stories are the core part of this book and enable young people to get an insight into everyday life of children in other parts of the world and at the same time they can draw interesting comparisons to their own quality of life. Furthermore they can learn, what they can do to help to achieve each and every one of these goals. More information and Downloads

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