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Sustainability Award

Sustainable Universities

Sustainability Award © Anatol Stelzhammer
© Anatol Stelzhammer

This project focuses on the organisation of the nation-wide sustainability award for higher education institutions in Austria. In past years, we also dealt with two other topics:

  • the participation and implementation of the European Project called AISHE 2.0, whose objectives were to develop further the existing AISHE computer tool towards self-assessment and certification of sustainability and ESD at European universities;
  • to support and analyse development-processes of regional centres of expertice (RCE) in Austria, and in particular, the recent process at the University of Graz;

The Austrian Sustainability Award

The Austrian Sustainability Award is an integral part of the Austrian Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development and puts sustainability on the agenda of all Austrian universities. The Award helps to make sustainability not only part of the mission statement but more importantly, of everyday university life. It adds visibility to already existing projects by ambitious and committed pioneers, it fosters internal networking and coordination of these projects by the university as a whole, thus embedding sustainability more strongly in the overall university culture. Furthermore, it encourages systematic exchange of good practice between the institutions of higher education and makes them aware that sustainability is a core dimension of university development all over the world. The price is awarded every two years.

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