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Shape your learning environment

Get involved!

Poster shape your learning environment © FORUM Umweltbildung
© FORUM Umweltbildung

Imagine a school in which both students and staff share a comfortable learning environment. Where does learning take place and what roles do topics like health, the environment and mutual appreciation and tolerance play in this? Invite your students, school principal and staff to get involved in reflecting on these topics. The students may fill the speech bubbles with their own ideas and opinions.

You can order the poster here or download it:

Poster "Shape your learning environment"

© FORUM Umweltbildung
© FORUM Umweltbildung

Lesson plans

In addition to the poster you can download lesson delivery suggestions for youngsters between 13 and 17 years.

In these lesson plans, the students discuss their perceptions and expectations regarding their learning environment and take an active role in sharing them with the class.


Lesson Plans

“Shape your learning environment” is a project of FORUM Umweltbildung, which was commissioned and funded by the BMNT.

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