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Climate CO2cktail Booklet

Cover Booklet Climate CO2cktail © FORUM Umweltbildung
© FORUM Umweltbildung

This booklet serves as a methodological framework for teaching adolescents from 15 to 19 about climate change, climate change adaption, climate protection and carbon footprint.

With its flexible system of thematic modules it allows to focus on selected topics as well as on a customised thread of modules for a certain target group, plus all the exercises can be extended if needed. The time designated to each exercise refers to the minimum amount of time spent but may vary. Each chapter/module starts off with proposals for ideally suited teaching subjects. Additionally, an online library at umweltbildung.at provides all the links used in the booklet.

These materials are suited for project work or extracurricular youth education in case there is enough time and space provided to become acquainted with the topics and identifying personal interests. If this doesn’t apply, all the materials may be used for acquiring knowledge and skills through self-study as well.

We wish you exciting and inspiring work on the topic of climate change using our didactical materials!


This booklet is available as a free download.

Links and Materials

For further reading and a summary of all weblinks and sources used in the booklet:

Weblinks and background information

CO2 Calculator

Logo CO2-Rechner © FORUM Umweltbildung

With our CO2 Calculator you can find out how much you contribute to global warming. The carbon dioxide you produce by driving a car or leaving the lights on adds up quickly. You may be surprised what difference it makes if you eat meat or if you are a vegetarian, if you usually take a bath or a shower. Check your personal impact and learn how you can take action to reduce your CO2-emissions.

CO2 Calculator (in German language)

Climate CO2cktail – Ingredients for a sustainable footprint.
Pedagogical materials about climate protection and (adaption to) climate change for the age of 15 to 19.

FORUM Umweltbildung, Wien 2016.
44 pages, € 0,-