Shaping education today for the world of tomorrow

Education is changing. What is current today may already be outdated tomorrow. We know how important it is to react flexibly to the challenges of learning and teaching. 

This is why we develop and offer appropriate educational formats that help to communicate topics such as the sustainable development goals or climate protection simply and effectively. Innovative and high-quality projects are created through close cooperation in interdisciplinary teams and through collaboration with experts from educational organisations, local authorities, NGOs, extracurricular youth education institutions and the media.

The following aspects are at the centre of all our activities:

  • Our guiding principle is Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
  • We make education accessible – even outside of traditional educational institutions.
  • We connect people and organisations.
  • We promote diversity of topics.

Together we can think further and change education. Because global challenges demand flexible answers. We are convinced that Education for Sustainable Development can make a significant contribution to overcoming these global challenges.

What motivates us

People like you.
For a world worth living in the long term, we must act now. We support you in doing so – with educational programmes that help communicating complex issues effectively.

What you will find on our website

Materials for communicating topics such as the sustainable development goals.
Networking and participation opportunities such as the ESD Summer Academy.
Digital offerings such as the podcast Bildungswellen.

Online materials in English

Poster: Stopp off in 2030

The poster addresses the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It touches on several global topics and illustrated how we can change them for the better by 2030. All questions and statements in the boxes relate to one or several of the illustrated situations.

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Brochure: Rethinking plastics – closing the loop

The teaching materials on plastics and the circular economy include digital tools and a accompanying booklet with background information and suggested activities for the classroom. They can be used in various school subjects of the secondary level I and II and are suitable both for in-person and virtual classes.


Poster: Tracing plastic

Using this poster you can introduce the topic and encourage discussions in the classroom. It enables young people aged 12 and over to reflect on the topics of plastic and the circular economy. The poster can also be used in connection with general principles of education (e.g. environmental education, education for sustainable development, health promotion, political education).

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ChallengeU impulse kit

The ChallengeU environment and sustainability impulse kit is a collection of challenges that invite young people to experience their environment from interesting and new perspectives. It aims to incite them to actively think and learn about the topics of nature & the environment, health & well-being, public space & active participation as well as lifestyle & consumption.


Brochure: Climate CO2cktail

Climate CO2cktail aims to support educators in enabling learners to understand the issue of climate change and its relevance to our society. The booklet for the age group of 15 to 19-year-olds was developed as a didactic basis for teaching the following topics: climate change (adaptation), climate protection and carbon footprint. It is very well suited for project lessons or projects in extracurricular youth work.


Reading book: Our world – our future

This book is a collection of stories teaching youth about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The stories are told by children from different countries from around the world from various countries. They wish for a better life and find ways of making a change. The aim is to encourage readers to take action and to get together with others to make a change.


Poster: Shape your learning environment

This posters facilitates the users’ engagement with their personal learning environment. The speech bubbles help to reflect on relevant topics, such as health, time, relationships and decision making. It can be used to make own suggestions as to how and where learning should take place. In this poster users can fill in ideas and opinions.


Reading book: Dare to be you

This book offers stories and methods which are intended to help teenagers learn to stand up for themselves and other people
and experience that they can have an impact. It contains a large variety of methods for motivating pupils to reflect on their values and opinions as well as improve their reading and writing skills. Dare to be you is intended to serve as an educational resource as well as reading material for teenagers from the age of 12 onwards.


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