Leuchtturm in Wolkenmeer
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Shaping education today for the world of tomorrow

Education is changing. What is current today may already be outdated tomorrow. We know how important it is to react flexibly to the challenges of learning and teaching. 

This is why we develop and offer appropriate educational formats that help to communicate topics such as the sustainable development goals or climate protection simply and effectively. Innovative and high-quality projects are created through close cooperation in interdisciplinary teams and through collaboration with experts from educational organisations, local authorities, NGOs, extracurricular youth education institutions and the media.

The following aspects are at the centre of all our activities:

  • Our guiding principle is Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
  • We make education accessible – even outside of traditional educational institutions.
  • We connect people and organisations.
  • We promote diversity of topics.

Together we can think further and change education. Because global challenges demand flexible answers. We are convinced that Education for Sustainable Development can make a significant contribution to overcoming these global challenges.

What motivates us

People like you.
For a world worth living in the long term, we must act now. We support you in doing so – with educational programmes that help communicating complex issues effectively.

What you will find on our website

Materials for communicating topics such as the sustainable development goals.
Networking and participation opportunities such as the ESD Summer Academy.
Digital offerings such as the podcast Bildungswellen.

Website Translation

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