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Specific Characteristics

The Austrian Sustainability Award exhibits a whole-institutional approach. Thus it is addressed to a large target group consisting of students, teachers, staff, administration and regional stakeholders. University-wide sustainability is understood as a process of participatory and reflective learning characterized by several alternative routes.

It does not target individual or one-time projects, but instead recognizes long-term processes and improvements that mirror the internal learning and formation processes of the institution as a whole, concerning eight very different aspects of university organisation. A project in each of the eight categories receives an Austrian Sustainability Award. The categories are:

  1. Administration and Management,
  2. Curriculum and Instruction,
  3. Research,
  4. Structural Implementation,
  5. Communication and Decision-making,  
  6. Student Initiatives,
  7.  Regional Cooperation,
  8. International Cooperation.

For each of these categories, a series of guiding questions was developed to help applicants locate their initiatives within these different aspects. Participation, learning and innovation should be at the very heart of these initiatives.

An interdisciplinary jury of sustainability experts (from science and research, business, culture and media) decides on the winner in each of the eight categories. The award is coordinated by “FORUM Umweltbildung”, an agency specialising on Education for Sustainable Development.



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